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some people I know

who were nearby

(who saw it happen)

they were plunged into the vacuum

shellshocked exalted sleeps


But everyone could sense what had happened!

Blustering statements were made by powerful men of all disciplines!

A probe was dangled into the place where it happened!

Reptiles in the zoo began cackling all night long about it!

Undetectable aircraft navigated the skies


Droves of children left their houses, compelled by invisible carnivals,

lured, some hypothesize

into glistening arcades of rhinestone circuitry

far below the earth!

Hotels were left vacant for weeks!

Somewhere, a pair of flies orbited a rotting cheeseburger!

People started drinking seawater!

People began living in anthills!

Eyeballs jostled in crystal bowls!

it was like being born!

it was like staring into the broiling vein traced face of a newborn world

without any protective film!